Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Apple Pancakes

Pancakes were never a big favorite in our house until recently.  Now that I have an infant in the house who loves to feed himself, pancakes seem to be popping up more and more.  Every time I make pancakes I make a large batch and freeze the extras.  When my little man wants something for breakfast or a quick snack, and I have no idea what to give him, I pull out one of the pancakes, pop it in the toaster and VOILA! instant, tasty food.

The recipe I adapted this from calls for all purpose flour, however, after much research on the internet I found that to get big fluffy pancakes you should substitute the flour with self-rising flour, so I gave it a try in this recipe.  I thought they turned out pretty darn fluffy!


So, I've finally started to get back into the swing of making new recipes and taking pictures.  I'm a little sad that my new kitchen it so much smaller than the one I had before.  I never knew how much I used my kitchen island until I didn't have one anymore!

As I was getting ready to start uploading some new pictures I realized that I have 4 or 5 different recipes that I'd made prior to moving that I have yet to post!  YIKES!  I hope I remember the ingredient measurements because I never write anything down!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Life in Rock Springs, WY

We are finally here, we have been here for two weeks now and we are still trying to get settled in.  Luckily it didn't take us too long to find a home to rent.  We got here on Thursday March 22, looked at a house on Friday and we were told we could move in on Monday.  I still have boxes every where.  The house in Rock Springs is about half the size of our home in Enoch, Utah so I am having a very difficult time trying to find places for everything to go.

My goal is to start back up with this blog next week. . . keep your fingers crossed that I'm able to do that!